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After completing my studies in economics in Basel, my career started at major banks. I was able to acquire, advise and administer both private clients and institutional investors at home and abroad. With increasing experience and seniority I also gained more and more pleasure in advising colleagues and employees on their career path. The internal education as mentor, trainer and coach combined with over three decades of business experience enables me to have others benefit from my knowledge so that I can help people to master sections and transitions in corporate life and beyond.

At the same time I went through all the cadre ranks up to managing director combined with appropriate training. After a fullfillig banking career, I decided to work independently. The subject of my offer is now to share my longstanding knowledge with people authenticly, empathicly and honestly, who want to experience change or are interested in a sparring partner to accompany these changes. Whether it is about work, exercise, nutrition or recreation, it is about clarity, decision-making and inner order to gain an impulse four your own lifestyle to set.

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